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Semin Plast Surg. 2008 May; 22(2): 63–64.
PMCID: PMC2884869
Dorsal Augmentation
Guest Editors Fred L. Hackney M.D., D.D.S. Joseph M. Gryskiewicz M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dorsal Augmentation

Fred L. Hackney, M.D., D.D.S.1 and Joseph M. Gryskiewicz, M.D., F.A.C.S., Guest Editors2
figure sps22063-1

Rhinoplasty surgery is a challenging and demanding area of plastic surgery, partly because a variety of surgical techniques are available to treat the same type of nasal deformity. This is most evident in the treatment of patients requiring dorsal augmentation. Choosing between autogenous, homologous, and alloplastic grafts with the varied options for each can be confusing. The goal of this issue of Seminars in Plastic Surgery is to present a clear and objective review of the current commonly used methods for dorsal augmentation to better enable the rhinoplasty surgeon to choose the most appropriate method for his or her patient.

For this issue, we asked several noted rhinoplasty surgeons to document their personal techniques for dorsal augmentation. An excellent overview of the topic of nasal dorsal augmentation is provided by Drs. Dresne and Hilger. Drs. Gunter, Cochran, and Marin review their experience with autologous rib grafting with internal K-wire stabilization, and. Drs. Herman and Strauch review their extensive experience with cadaver rib for dorsal augmentation. The use of auricular cartilage grafts is reviewed by Drs. Gruber, Safa, and Miranda. The technique of the use of diced cartilage is presented by Drs. Calvert and Brenner. Dr. Murrell presents his perspective on dorsal augmentation with septum. Alloplastic grafts are reviewed by Drs. Gryskiewicz and Hubbard. Dr. Gryskiewicz presents his technique with dorsal augmentation with AlloDerm, and Dr. Hubbard documents his experience with Gore-Tex.

We sincerely thank this well-respected group of surgeons for their contributions and hope their efforts will serve as a resource for current dorsal augmentation techniques.

Articles from Seminars in Plastic Surgery are provided here courtesy of Thieme Medical Publishers