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Semin Plast Surg. 2006 May; 20(2): 51–52.
PMCID: PMC2884774
Perforator Flaps
Guest Editor Aldona Spiegel M.D.

Perforator Flaps

Aldona Spiegel, M.D., Guest Editor1

Worldwide interest in perforator flaps was reignited when Koshima published his description of a flap based upon a single paraumbilical perforator vessel in 1989. Building upon the earlier work of visionaries such as Manchot, Milton, and Ponten, a new group of visionaries set out to discover the endless possibilities in the “perforator” world. In this issue of Seminars in Plastic Surgery, we are fortunate to have authors from such an innovative and creative group. Authors such as Robert Allen, Phillip Blondeel, and Moustapha Hamdi, who have all made countless contributions to the field of breast reconstruction using perforator flaps. And authors such as Geoffrey Hallock and Peter Neligan, who have helped pioneer and advance the fields of lower extremity and head and neck reconstruction, respectively. This impressive group also includes Fu-Chan Wei, who single-handedly expanded our repertoire of donor sites by demonstrating the use of freestyle free flaps. Perhaps what is most admirable about this group, however, is their unwavering dedication to challenging some of our most deeply held beliefs to further our specialty. This journal is dedicated to all those who dream of not only following in the footsteps of such revolutionary leaders, but charting new territories themselves.

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