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Ann Dermatol. 2009 February; 21(1): 46–48.
Published online 2009 February 28. doi:  10.5021/ad.2009.21.1.46
PMCID: PMC2883368

A Case of Diffuse Neurofibroma of the Scalp


A neurofibroma is a benign tumor of the peripheral nerve sheath characterized by proliferation of Schwann cells, perineural cells, and endoneurial fibroblasts. Different types of neurofibromas can be identified, including localized, plexiform, and diffuse types. Neurofibromas can involve any site on the body skin. The diffuse variant is rare and occurs primarily in children and young adults. It involves the skin and subcutaneous tissue in a plaque-like fashion on the head and neck regions. We present a case of a 10-year-old boy who had a diffuse neurofibroma on the scalp.

Keywords: Diffuse neurofibroma, Scalp

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