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Mayo Clin Proc. 2010 June; 85(6): e41.
PMCID: PMC2878269

Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine

Reviewed by Bruce Sutor, MD

James A. Bourgeois,  Debra Kahn,  Kemuel L. Philbrick, and  John Michael Bostwick,  322 pp,  $57,  Washington DC,  American Psychiatric Publishing Inc, (telephone: 703-907-7322),  2009, ISBN  978-1-58562-299-3. 

Grading Key [large star][large star][large star][large star][large star] = outstanding; [large star][large star][large star][large star] = excellent; [large star][large star][large star] = good; [large star][large star] = fair; [large star] = poor

Type and Scope of Book:

A casebook of psychiatric consultations in the hospital setting.


The authors have presented a series of interesting and challenging psychosomatic medicine consultation cases that illustrate common and uncommon problems faced by clinicians in the hospital setting. The chapters cover topics that arise in particular medical areas (cardiology, oncology, etc) and illustrate how medical, psychiatric, and social circumstances need to be appreciated and understood by teams caring for these patients. It is well-written with concise case presentations and discussion of the salient clinical points. Of particular interest is how the authors focus not just on the patients but also on the referring clinicians, with an emphasis on helping these clinicians better understand psychiatric and medical illnesses that can cause or exacerbate psychiatric symptoms.


The cases are interesting and illustrate well the concepts the authors are presenting. The book is well-written and readable with good indexing for quick retrieval of information. An outstanding variety of psychiatric symptoms and syndromes are presented in the context of many different medical illnesses.


Often, there is a lack of diagnostic clarity to the cases with overuse of the “not otherwise specified” code.

Recommended Readership:

General psychiatrists, consultative psychiatrists, psychiatry residents and fellows, and hospitalists on general medical or specialist services.

Overall Grading:

[large star][large star][large star][large star]

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