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Published online 2010 March 17. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02153-09


Naturally occurring substitutions in 1311 HCV E2 protein sequences

PositionJFH1 residueVariantaNo.bTotalcProp.dAccession no. (genotype)e
415ND1370.03EU482838 (1a)
416TA131820.07AY956468 (1a), AY958005 (3a), EU155215 (1a), EU155249 (1a), EU155282 (1a), EU155285 (1a), EU155288 (1a), EU155379 (1a), EU255930 (1a), EU255980 (1a), EU482845 (1a), EU482836 (1a), EU643835 (6)
417NS17270.63EU256046 (1a), EU256031 (1a), EU255964 (1a), EU255952 (1a), EU255943 (1a), EU155354 (1a), EU155347 (1a), EU155297 (1a), EU155274 (1a), EU155215 (1a), EF407468 (1b), EF407466 (1a), EF407477 (1a), EU407415 (1a), EF026073 (2/5 natural recombinant), AY957988 (3a), AM408911 (2/5)
422IL5380.13AB047643 (2a), AF271632 (1a), FJ828970 (1a), FJ828971 (1a), M62321 (1a)
aThat is, substitutions as described in the text.
bThat is, the total number of sequences in a sample of 1,311 HCV E2 proteins with the same substitution.
cThat is, the total number of substituted residues in the sample of 1,311 (see Table Table33).
dProp., the proportion of naturally occurring substitutions that are identical to the substitutions produced in the present study.
eThe accession number(s) of HCV sequences (genotypes are shown in parentheses) carrying the relevant variant is listed.