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J Can Chiropr Assoc. 2010 June; 54(2): 74–75.
PMCID: PMC2875901


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Dr. Shawn Rossi, DC, MSc, PhD candidate, Laurentian University

Dr. Shawn Rossi is from Sudbury, in northern Ontario (population 165,000).

Shawn received his Bachelor of Science degree from Laurentian University in 2001 and a Master’s degree in pharmacology in 2004. His master thesis focused on antimicrobial efficacy of a new antibiotic-loaded poly (hydroxybutyric-co-hydroxyvaleric acid) controlled release system in prosthetic hip replacement. In 2003, Shawn was accepted to the undergraduate program at CMCC while continuing his research on a part time basis until his graduation in 2007. Upon graduation Shawn was accepted in the PhD program in Interdisciplinarity at Laurentian University. The program focuses on interdisciplinary research in various fields of study. Shawn’s field of study is in health services research.

Dr. Rossi’s research focuses on the delivery of health care in an efficient cost effective manner utilising an interdisciplinary setting. He is the principal investigator in a research study titled “Interprofessional Health Care Delivery Study: Implementing an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice” involving Laurentian University Faculty and Vale Inco Ltd. His study is investigating an inter-professional group in the diagnosis and treatment which would allow the patient to receive the utmost quality of care utilising the most current treatment protocols of multiple professions. The provider of health care delivery is chosen based on scope of practice and most cost effective route. This allows the patient to receive treatment from a member of the team in a cost effective manner without compromising their care, ensuring a high rate of quality control. As a collateral project, Shawn also conducts research on the effect of physical exercises on Multiple Sclerosis patients in conjunction with physical therapy at the TARP centre.

Dr. Rossi is very active in his local community. He currently holds positions on the Laurentian University Alumni Board of Directors, the University Senate and also on the selection committee for Honorary Doctorates recipients. His off campus involvement includes volunteer work for the Multiple Sclerosis society’s advisory committee for the Ontario Government Relations 2009 work plan on access to medical treatment and services in Northern Communities, in which he was a co-author in a position paper. He is a co-founder of TARP, a not for profit fitness facility for seniors and people with disabilities. TARP was created with the hope that people with disabilities can go work out and feel comfortable which most find difficult in larger fitness centers. He sits on the Sudbury Chapter board of directors for the M.S. Society as director of client services and is currently working on the establishment of a new neurological health center for people stricken from neurological diseases.

Since his graduation in 2007, Shawn has been working as a chiropractor in part time private practice. In 2009 he was received the Sudbury’s Favourite Chiropractor award and recently received a faculty appointment at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine where he serves as a clinical supervisor and lecturer. Dr. Rossi looks forward to this new role and advancing research and evidence based collaborative practices.

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