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Logo of jbcThe Journal of Biological Chemistry
Published online 2010 March 5. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M109.070953


Diffraction data and crystallographic model statistics

r.m.s.d., root mean square deviation.

Wavelength1.5418 Å
Unit cella = 80.06 Å, b = 134.88 Å, c = 63.88 Å
Space groupP21212
Resolution range30.00 to 2.00 Å (2.07 to 2.00 Å)a
No. of unique reflections46,561 (4483)
Completeness97.9% (96.2%)
left angle bracketIIright angle bracket39.5 (3.0)
Rsymb0.043% (0.599%)
Rwork/Rfreec20.6% (24.5%)
Average B-factor34.2 Å2

r.m.s.d.d from ideal geometry
    Bond length0.017 Å
    Bond angle1.393°
PROCHECK (98)ψ-ϕ plot within preferred/additional allowed regions93.1/6.9%

a Values in parentheses refer to the highest resolution shell.

b Rsym = Σ|Ileft angle bracketIright angle bracket|/ΣI.

c Rwork = Σ‖Fo| − |Fc‖/Σ|Fo|. Rfree (99) was calculated as Rwork by using 3.8% of the data selected in thin resolution shells with SFTOOLS.

d r.m.s.d. means root mean square deviation.