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Published online 2010 February 24. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02733-09

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Torin1 does not affect HCMV entry into fibroblasts. Serum-starved confluent fibroblasts were infected with HCMV at a multiplicity of 3 PFU/cell. (A) Torin1 does not block the entry of viral DNA. Serum-free confluent fibroblasts were pretreated with Torin1 (T) (250 nM) for 24 h prior to infection (Pre) or beginning immediately after adsorption at 1 hpi (Post). Control cultures received the vehicle in which Torin1 was dissolved (NT). At 2 hpi cells were harvested, and cell-associated viral DNA was quantified by real-time PCR analysis. Error bars represent the standard errors of the means from two independent experiments performed in duplicate. (B) Torin1 does not alter the accumulation of the HCMV IE1 protein. The level of IE1 was determined at 6 hpi by a Western blot assay using an IE1-specific monoclonal antibody. The image is representative of two independent experiments. (C) Torin1 does not alter the percentage of infected cells. The expression of a GFP marker gene present in the viral genome was monitored at 24 h after infection in the presence or absence of drug.

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