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Acta Myol. 2009 July; 28(1): 49.
PMCID: PMC2859664

Lucia Ines Comi (1938-2009)

Lucia Ines Comi, MD, Professor of Cardiology at the Second University of Naples, died on April 29th 2009, at the age of 70 years. She was born in Borgia (Catanzaro) in December 1938; she graduated in 1964 from the University of Naples Federico II. For 1 month, in 1968, she worked at the Serafimerlazarettet in Stockholm with Prof. Günnar Biörck, and then, for 1 year at the Salpetrière Hospital in Paris with Prof. Shapira, particularly dedicated to the studies of myoglobin, in cooperation with Prof. Nigro in Naples.

She achieved the speciality in Cardiology in 1968. Since 1970 she developed an excellent clinical and basic research in cardiologic and myologic fields, becoming professor in Medical Genetics in 1983; then she passed to teach cardiology in 2003. She was strongly dedicated to the research in cardiology and myology publishing more than 120 papers. In 1967, she founded – together with prof. Giovanni Nigro – the Naples Branch of UILDM (Italian Union against Muscular Dystrophy) and then she became member of the Scientific Committee and the National Board of UILDM. She was among scientists founding the Mediterranean Society of Myology in 1991 and in that association she accepted the appointment as treasurer from the beginning to her death. She participated to the organisation of all the Congresses of the Mediterranean Society of Myology and of the 3rd Congress of the World Muscle Society. She participated enthusiastically to the foundation of this latter and she was the first Member who paid the fees to the Society.

Professor Lucia Ines Comi was awarded the Gaetano Conte Prize for the Myology in 2000. She was chief of the Department of Cardiomyology and Medical Genetics at the Second University in Naples from 2003 to 2006. She spent a large part of her activity helping the patients affected by muscular dystrophies, also as President, for more than 20 years, of a non profit Rehabilitation Centre, entitled to Gaetano Torre, a Neapolitan Duchenne patient.

She was among the founding members of Gaetano Conte Academy, in memoriam of the Neapolitan scientist who described the first two cases of muscular dystrophy. For 25 years we worked as Managing Coordinator of Acta Myologica. She gave a large contribution in writing many books of Cardiology and Myology and she was one of the Authors of the chapter on muscle involvement in muscular dystrophies, appeared in the textbook “Myology” edited by Andrew Engel. In the last two years she was working hard for the organisation of the XII ICNMD, that will be held in Naples, on July 2010.

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