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Acta Myol. 2009 July; 28(1): 1.
PMCID: PMC2859627


The loss of Lucia Ines Comi, at the end of April, a few months after that of Vito Petretta, another of my close collaborators, had convinced me to leave all activities regarding Acta Myologica, the Mediteranean Society of Myology and the organisation of the XII International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (XII ICNMD). It is impossible to forget 47 years of a close and fruitful cooperation, both in the academic field and in the fight against muscle diseases. I felt totally unable to continue with these activities which had all been started together with Lucia.

Some dear friends – in particular Valerie, Reinhardt, Luisa, Orlando and my sons Vincenzo and Gerardo – succeeded in finding the right words to convince me to go on, stressing that it would be what Lucia would have wanted. I decided, therefore, to continue this work, but I need the collaboration of both Valerie Askanas and Reinhardt Rüdel for the organization of the XII ICNMD, as well as of the Naples group, not only for the Congress, but also to continue the many initiatives we created in Naples: Mediterranean Society of Myology, Gaetano Conte Academy, Gaetano Torre Centre for muscular diseases, Acta Myologica.

In an informal meeting with my co-workers in Naples we decided the following variations:

  • Acta Myologica. Our aim is to see the Journal included in the Citation Index within the year 2009; on the front page: “Founded by Giovanni Nigro and Lucia Ines Comi" will appear; Vincenzo Nigro will be assigned the role of Assistant Editor, and Luisa Politano that of Managing Editor; a few changes have been made in the Editorial Board starting, with the approval of the Co-editors, from the current issue of Acta Myologica.
  • Mediterranean Society of Myology. The next Congress of the Society, to be held in Pisa, in 2011, will be organised by Professor Gabriele Siciliano; during the Congress, the election of the new board of MSM will take place. Until the next MSM Congress, the responsibility of Treasurer of the Society has been temporarily assigned to Luisa Politano. The list of MSM members will appear in Acta Myologica and members are kindly reminded to pay their membership fees. Acta Myologica has been published now for 28 years and sent, free-of-charge, to over 1,000 readers or libraries, worldwide. Now, with the increased costs of publishing, it has become necessary to request the help of our readers asking them to pay the MSM membership fees. Acta Myologica has played a useful role in the dissemination of knowledge on muscular diseases, especially in not industrialized countries. Hopefully, this role will increase and the Journal will continue to appear.

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