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Published online 2010 April 15. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1000847

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Role of TfR1 in JUNV infection and impaired platelet production.

(A) The kinetics of TfR1 expression after JUNV infection in CD34+ cells stimulated with TPO were determined by flow cytometry. (B) Receptor expression was detected in UV-irradiated JUNV- and JUNV-infected cells incubated with FITC-anti-CD71 (anti-TfR1) mAb or with a matched isotype control. The histogram depicts a representative flow cytometric analysis of TfR1 staining after 120 hr of infection. (C) CD34+ cells were pre-incubated with an anti-CD71, anti-HLA-ABC mAb or ferric ammonium citrate (FAC, 10 µg/ml) for 1 hr (to down-regulate TfR1). Cells were then infected with JUNV and stimulated with TPO and viral antigens were detected by flow cytometry. The figure shows a representative experiment of three similar replicates. (D) CD34+ cells were treated as mentioned in C, and also with deferoxamine (1 µM) for 24 hr (to up-regulate TfR1). Platelets produced in culture were counted at day 15. The values represent the mean ± SEM of three independent experiments,* indicates p<0.05 vs. UV-irradiated JUNV, # indicates p<0.05 vs. JUNV.

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