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Published online 2010 April 15. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000742

Figure 3

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Sensitivity and specificity of clusters detected from the yeast networks.

Performance of (A) single graph methods, and (B) JointCluster, Coassociation and single tree methods are shown. To help interpret these performance measures properly, information such as coverage of genes (# of genes in detected clusters) and average size of a cluster (average # of genes in a cluster with error bars indicating standard deviation) are also shown. The number of reference sets in GO Process, TF Perturbations (TF Perturb.), Compendium of Perturbations (Comp. of Perturb.), TF Binding Sites (TF Bind.) and eQTL Hotspots are 379, 315, 198, 103 and 41 respectively.

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