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Paediatr Child Health. 1998 Jul-Aug; 3(4): 224.
PMCID: PMC2851339

Advancing general paediatrics

Denis Leduc, MD, Chair

The Community Paediatrics Committee (CPC) is heading into the new millennium with broader objectives and an increased sense of belonging to the CPS ‘family’. Formerly called the Paediatric Practice Committee, the CPC continues to advance excellence in general paediatrics through its clinical practice guidelines, and proudly defends the paediatrician’s unique expertise in primary care.

The recent formation of a Section of Community Paediatrics has strengthened our mandate to meet the needs and interests of community paediatricians, regardless of the levels of care that they provide or the consultative services that they administer. The diversity and breadth of the subject matter addressed by our committee defines the groups that we represent and our challenge is to respond most effectively.

With this commitment, we will maintain our advocacy for children by promoting the pivotal position that the community paediatrician occupies in the continuum of medical care from birth through adolescence.

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