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J Indian Soc Periodontol. 2009 Sep-Dec; 13(3): 117–119.
PMCID: PMC2848779

Indian Society of Periodontology: Rise and reach in 17 years

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Dear Friends,

During my tenure of 14 years as the secretary of the ISP from 1994-2006 and an additional year 2007, then President Elect 2008, and President 2009, I have seen ISP rise and reach the zenith of success and popularity on not only the national but also the international front as well [Table 1].

Table 1


  1. Perio subject exam to be kept on 5th year of new BDS course.
  2. JISP has to be made quarterly issue.

I have gone through a tortuous road and its ups and downs as a secretary but without all the support and backing from several people, I would not have been able to take ISP to this pedestal.

Today I am immensely happy to thank and acknowledge all the people without whom I would not achieved this success.

I would like to remember and express my gratitude towards the founding members of ISP, late. Dr. G. B. Shankwalkar and Dr.Lalit Guglani, for their dynamism and vision. They always serve as a source of inspiration for me. I thank all my office bearers during my tenure as Secretary: Dr. SA Kale, Dr. CP Boghani, Dr. PJ Chitnis, Dr. Ajay Kakar, Dr. A Kumarswamy and during my Presidential tenure: Dr. MM Dayakar, Dr. CD Dwarkanath, Dr. Pravin Kudva, Dr. Santosh Sridhar, Dr. Mathai Thomas, Dr. Anirban Chatterjee and Dr. Arunachalan.

I should not forget to acknowledge all my postgraduates and staff who were always there to help me and shore up in all situations. Without their help, it could not have been possible to run the ISP office effectively. I am profoundly thankful to Dr. Nirmala, Dr. Natasha, Dr. Ashwini, Dr. Rajesh Gaikwad, Dr. Pranita, Dr. Neha Mehta, Dr. Prajakta Nayak, Dr. Rajeev Chitguppi, Dr. Gauri Satarkar, Dr. Om Bhagele, Dr. Srinivas, Dr. Farah, Dr. Sameer Dalvi, Dr. Roshni Thakur, Dr. Akash Akinwar, Dr. Ranjit Bapat, Dr. Javed Sayyed, Dr. Vivek Dave, Dr. Yadav Rathod. Dr. Rupasi Kudle, Dr. Jyoti Jonnala, Dr. Mukesh Chute, Dr. Tanay Gunjikar and my assistant Girish Jethwa who have helped me persistently for ISP.


figure JISP-13-117-g002
Sitting from L to R: Dr. Anil, Dr. TK Pal, Dr. PK Agrawal, Dr. IR D'Silva, Dr. Dilip G Pol - President, ISP, Dr. MM Dayakar - Secretary, ISP, Dr. Ajay Kakar, Dr. Rajiv Chitguppi, Dr. Pradeep Tondan.

I appreciate the assistance rendered by all of them. I am also thankful to Colgate & Palmolive for sponsoring most of the ISP activities, Mr. Arekar, legal advisor and auditor A. W. Ketkar.

Last but not the least I would like to express my gratitude towards my wife Dr. Nutan Pol for being so patient to support and encourage me in this long journey. My life is blissful and contented due to my sweet and adorable daughters Dr. Samruddhi, Sukhsiddhi and Sanmati. I am thankful to them for making me comfortable and peaceful at home after my busy life after taking charge of ISP for 17 years.

This is just the beginning and the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams and conclude with my favorite hopeful sher -

Ek Nayi Subah, Ek Nayi Asha, Ek Nayi Umeed, Ek Nayi Soch, Ek Baar Phir Asman Chhune ki Koshish, Kamayab Hone ki Chahat - Naye Saal ki Subah ki Pehle Kiran ke Saath……

Happy and Prosperous New Year

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