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PLoS One. 2010; 5(3): 10.1371/annotation/fb21ff39-0500-49c9-9ab3-21d924c6299d.
Published online 2010 March 30. doi:  10.1371/annotation/fb21ff39-0500-49c9-9ab3-21d924c6299d
PMCID: PMC2848252

Correction: Long-Branch Attraction Bias and Inconsistency in Bayesian Phylogenetics

The results in the section titled "Increasing Bias with Larger Datasets" have changed, which affects the data in Figure 6. Please view the corrected Figure 6 here:

figure pone.fb21ff39-0500-49c9-9ab3-21d924c6299d.g001


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