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PLoS Pathog. 2010 March; 6(3): 10.1371/annotation/f079872b-7bce-41fe-bc16-c2e45d44b19e.
Published online 2010 March 24. doi:  10.1371/annotation/f079872b-7bce-41fe-bc16-c2e45d44b19e
PMCID: PMC2846179

Correction: Legionella Eukaryotic-Like Type IV Substrates Interfere with Organelle Trafficking

The caption for Figure 3 was incorrect. The correct caption for Figure 3 is:

Yeast cells containing expression vectors for LegC5-GFP, LegC8-GFP, LepB-GFP fusion proteins or GFP alone were spotted in 10-fold serial dilutions on SC-ura/fructose or SC-ura/galactose plates. Under conditions that induce expression of the hybrid protein (galactose), LegC5-GFP, LegC8-GFP and LepB-GFP impair yeast growth. Under non-inducing conditions (fructose), all strains grow comparably well.


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