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Yale J Biol Med. 2010 March; 83(1): 47.
Published online 2010 March.
PMCID: PMC2844693

Atlas of Descriptive Histology

Reviewed by Michelle Mo

Michael H. Ross, Wojciech Pawlina, Todd A. Barnash 
Atlas of Descriptive Histology.
2009. Sinauer Associates, Inc.: Sunderland, MA. ISBN: (Paperback) 978-0878936960. US $49.95 359 p

The Atlas of Descriptive Histology is an extremely comprehensive and well-organized atlas including 612 illustrations covering everything from basic tissue to full organ histology. In a clear, systematic fashion, the authors move from simple tissue structures to complex organ systems, including micrographs of the adult tongue, lip, teeth, eye, ear, and developing teeth.

Each chapter is designed to be easily understood and dedicated to a specific tissue, organ, or system. Furthermore, the chapters all consist of an explanation of the histology depicted in the micrographs. When necessary, a helpful orientation micrograph is included to familiarize readers with organization of tissue structure. Low to high magnification micrographs are incorporated as well, and key structures are highlighted to give readers a detailed understanding of histology.

Online access to the Atlas’ companion website is included with the book, and once on-line, the reader can access micrographs corresponding to those found in the book. Via an image viewer, pictures can be zoomed in and out, thereby allowing the reader to examine histology at specific magnifications. Images also can be viewed in labeled or unlabeled formats, creating a useful study tool for students.

The Atlas of Descriptive Histology should be on the desks of all students who need a comprehensive, easy-to-follow color atlas of histology. It is a well-written and organized atlas that covers the histology of all human tissues and organ systems. Additionally, the Atlas is comprised of detailed annotations of histological micrographs, high-quality images, and invaluable access to the companion website. Overall, the Atlas of Descriptive Histology is an outstanding color atlas that is an essential resource for students studying histology and a useful reference for any scientist or healthcare professional.

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