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Can J Hosp Pharm. 2009 Jul-Aug; 62(4): 273.
PMCID: PMC2830019

Holy Family Hospital Vancouver, British Columbia

Founded in 1947 by the Sisters of Providence of St Vincent de Paul, Holy Family Hospital started out as an old converted farmhouse in southeast Vancouver. Initially the Sisters grew their own food, bartered, and depended upon the kindness and support of their neighbours to feed their inpatients. They also grew lilies to sell, as one of many means of raising funds for the hospital’s operation.

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In 1953, a new 52-bed facility was built to meet the requirements of the hospital’s focus on rehabilitation for patients with arthritis and stroke. By 1955, the rehab program of Holy Family Hospital was fully functional. The last addition was built in 1976, and the hospital now has a 74-bed rehabilitation unit and a 142-bed extended care unit with an active outpatient program for rehabilitation.

In 1997, Holy Family Hospital, now recognized as a provincial leader in the multidisciplinary care of older adults, joined 6 other Catholic hospitals in the region to form Providence Health Care. The Pharmacy Department of Providence Health Care, which services a total of 774 residential and rehabilitation beds in 5 facilities, is located within Holy Family Hospital. First and interim doses are supplied from this location, and ongoing medication supplies are provided in multidose automated unit-dose packaging, prepared daily by the Regional Packaging Centre (located at St Paul’s Hospital). In 2007, the Pharmacy Department (staffed by 5.5 full-time equivalent [FTE] pharmacists and 3 FTE technicians) was honoured to be part of the team that received a 3M Health Care Quality Team Award from the Canadian College of Health Service Executives for their project, “Medication Reconciliation: Reducing the Risk of Medication Errors for Residents Moving into Residential Care”.


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