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Can J Hosp Pharm. 2009 Mar-Apr; 62(2): 171.
PMCID: PMC2826927

Tribute to the Reviewers of the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy and the CJHP Editorial Board would like to thank the following people for serving as peer reviewers for the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy in 2008. Their assistance has helped us to maintain the high quality of articles published in the Journal.

Alleyne, Alison

Andrews, Derek

Bajcar, Jana

Bartle, Bill

Bayliff, Charlie D

Bishop, Lisa

Blackburn, David

Bowering, Keith

Bowles, Susan

Brideau-Laughlin, Diane

Burge, Nancy

Burry, Lisa D

Carr, Roxane

Cashin, Richard

Chan, Lingtak-Neander

Chant, Clarence

Cheng, Doret

Chin, Tom

Chong, Elaine

Cornish, Bill

Creurer, Ian

Dalen, Dawn

Denyssevych, Tetyana

Dersch, Deonne A

Dillon, Edward

Doucette, Douglas

Dresser, Linda

Erickson, Steven

Fryters, Susan

Galanti, Laurence

Gellatly, Rochelle

Gin, Alfred

Gorman, Sean K

Goulet, Genevieve

Hall, Kevin W

Harder, Curtis K

Hassan, Ayesha

Hawboldt, John

Hecq, Daniel J

Honcharik, Nicholas

Irvine-Meek, Janice M

Jackevicius, Cynthia

Jewesson, Peter

Jorgenson, Derek

Kanji, Salmaan

Knowles, Sandra

Koshman, Sheri

Kuhn, Robert

Lee, Monica

Leong, Wendy

Loewen, Peter S

Mabasa, Vincent

MacLaren, Rob

Marra, Carlo

Marra, Fawziah

Martinusen, Dan

McBride, John E

McKelvie, Greg

McVittie, Loran

Mounir Zaki, Christianne

Nagge, Jeff

Nairn, J G

Nakashima, Lynne

Newby, Brandi D

Newton, David

Olsen, Keith

Patel, Tejal

Pearson, Glen J

Rigge, Diane

Rollins, Carol

Saulnier, Lauza

Semchuk, Bill

Seto, Winnie

Shalansky, Stephen

Shevchuk, Yvonne

Spinler, Sarah

Tejani, Aaron M

Ting, Lillian

Tofan, Marianne

Walker, Sandra

Walker, Scott E

Warholak, Terri

Wilson, Bill

Wong, Elaine

Yamashita, Sharon

Yun, Andrea

Zelenitsky, Sheryl

Zvonar, Rosemary

The continuing support that these peer reviewers demonstrate for our publication is greatly appreciated, and we thank them for their time and effort on behalf of CJHP.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, please register online at or contact Sonya Heggart, Publications Administrator for CSHP, at 613-736-9733 ext 228 or ac.phsc@traggehs.

Articles from The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy are provided here courtesy of Canadian Society Of Hospital Pharmacists