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Logo of nihpaAbout Author manuscriptsSubmit a manuscriptHHS Public Access; Author Manuscript; Accepted for publication in peer reviewed journal;
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2010 November 1.
Published in final edited form as:
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2009 November 1; 52(3): 309–315.
doi: 10.1097/QAI.0b013e3181bca669

Table 2

Clinical Characteristics and Ultradeep Pyrosequencing (UDPS) Results in 20 NNRTI-Treated Patients with Plasma Samples Containing the RT Mutation K103N
PIDNNRTICD4 countHIV-1 RNAMutations detected by direct PCR Sequencing*Mutations detected only by UDPS*ETR mutationsOther NNRTI mutations
6584EFV4645.7103NK, 118IV, 123E, 165IT, 174E, 214L90I*(8.2), 101E*(3.8), 101N(2.4), 104N(3.1), 179D*(3.4), 188C(1.5), 189I(2.3), 190A*(4.9)3 (2)2
6455EFV4634.574L/V, 101R, 102Q, 103N, 135V, 142V, 162A, 174H, 184V, 211K, 221H/Y, 234I/L20R(13), 65R(9.7), 67N(2.4), 75I(14), 100I*(32), 108I(4.8), 190A*(5.4), 219N(2.7), 224V(5.8), 225H(11.2), 228R(5.0)2 (1)2
1872NVP2394.520R, 41L, 42A/E, 43K/N, 64K/R, 103N, 122E, 169D, 179I, 184M/V, 215Y36D(18), 181C*(3.5), 190A*(3.2), 196E(6.1), 210W(6.3), 237N(5.9)20
26423EFV275.735I, 75LV, 103N, 121Y, 122E, 135T, 176S, 200E, 211K, 225HP62V(1.4), 69N(1.1), 74V(8.5), 101E*(4.0), 106I*(1.0), 190S*(4.8), H221Y(1.1)21
1838DLV914.920R, 35MI, 67N, 102Q, 103N, 122E, 162C, 184V, 200A, 203K, 207E, 210W, 211K, 215Y, 223E6K(8.6), 53K(2.0), 74V(12), 83K(58), 108I(28), 111I(3.5), 118I(73), 181C*(7.0), 219E(7.9), 236L(1.2)12
5248EFV1205.3103N, 122E, 184V, 207E, 225H6K(2.7), 74V(13), 100I*(14), 108I(2.3), 219E(1.1)11
8350EFV2614.541L, 101K/Q, 103N 108I/V, 122E, 135T, 142V, 166R, 207E, 215Y184V(1.2), 190S*(3.1), T200A(8.5), 225H(1.2)11
4817NVP4454.528A, 83K, 103N, 135T, 184V, 200A, 211K4T(7.6), 67N(2.3), V90I*(1.9), 142T(3.3), 171Y(20), 188F(5.0)(1)1
8077NVP64568G, 103N, 122E, 162C, 165L, 200A/I/T/V, 204D/E, 207E47V(4.7), 90I*(10), 102E(4.4), 184V(0.8), 207G(4.0)(1)0
16347EFV2154.511K/R, 60I, 101Q, 103N, 122E, 135T, 178M, 184V, 207E, 211K20R(2.8), 21I(4.8), 43R(5.9), 108I(3.5), 207D(13), 225H (4.5)02
9651NVP3354.535T, 39A, 67N, 70R, 74I/L, 98G, 103N, 122E, 135L, 142I/V, 184V, 215F/I/S/T, 218D/E, 219Q6K(5.3), V60I(29), K64R(3.8), 69N(4.6), 108I(7.2), 196E(3.3), 228H(4.0)01
9666EFV874.641L, 75A, 103N, 123E, 135L/M, 162A, 177E, 211K, 215F7I(35), 108I(31), 178L(24), 184V(30)01
3901NVP825.735T, 103N41L(4.2), 122E(19), 135T(15), 184V(4.8), 210W(1.7), 215Y(7.4)00
5452NVP227562VA, 103N, 122A, 123E, 135T, 177E, 184I, 197K, 202V, 211KI142V(3.4), 184V(7.7)00
1613EFV414.8102K/R, 103N, 162C, 184V, 194A/E/S. 200A, 215Y10I(5.8), 11R(12)00
3956EFV1615.135T, 102Q, 103N, 122E, 162C, 173Q, 200A, 211K6K (2.1), 27A (6.8), 39A (2.8), 60I (6.5), 169G (11), 177G (2.0)00
7935NVP854.549R, 67N, 70R, 103N, 122E, 123N, 135T, 169D, 197P, 200I, 202V, 211K9T(4.8), 11R (6.5), 39I (9.2)00
8428NVP305.320R, 35LV, 103N, 122E, 207E, 225H32T(7.1), 200S(7.9)00
9650EFV2475.741L, 98S, 103N, 135T, 162C, 197E, 211K, 215D60I (10)00
9905EFV3224.520R, 102RK, 103N, 123E, 135T, 196E00

Footnote: Header abbreviations: NNRTI – at sampling time point; CD4 count – cells / μL; HIV-1 RNA – plasma HIV-1 RNA levels in log copies / ml; ETR mutations - V90I, A98G, L100I, K101E/H/P, V106I, E138A, V179D/F/T, Y181C/I/V, G190A/S and M230L 12; Other NNRTI mutations – Major NNRTI resistance mutations other than K103N and NNRTI resistance mutations.

*Mutations in bold are nonpolymorphic RT inhibitor resistance mutations. Underlined mutations are NNRTI-resistance mutations. Mutations with an asterisk are associated with etravirine resistance.
Brackets indicate polymorphic mutations.