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Can Vet J. 2010 February; 51(2): 121.
PMCID: PMC2808274

Tail docking and ear cropping — A comment

Ken Langelier, OBC, DVM

Dear Sir,

I applaud the President’s Message (Can Vet J 2009;50:1123–1124) stating that tail docking and ear cropping for cosmetic reasons has to end. As a body of veterinarians, if we agree that causing pain in our patients for cosmetic reasons is not acceptable, then doing so should be unprofessional. Arguing that if we don’t do it other individuals will is sanctioning doing it and not showing the leadership in animal welfare that we should.

We must stop using the excuse that it is better if veterinarians do it and simply all stop doing it. Nations where many of these breeds and standards were developed have banned tail docking and ear cropping and it is time for all of Canada to embrace this animal welfare concept.

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