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Can J Cardiol. 2009 December; 25(12): 681.
PMCID: PMC2807827

A New Cardiovascular Journal

R.E. Beamish, M.D, Editor-in-Chief

Production of another medical journal, even one limited to the single system of the heart and circulation, is not to be undertaken lightly. At present there are many journals competing for the limited reading time of physicians, surgeons and researchers, each with its own standard of excellence and each with a content and a style of its own. Some of them are of primary interest to practicing cardiovascular physicians or surgeons, while others are mainly concerned with research or clinical investigation. The ever increasing circulatory technologies have also given rise to additional new publications. Not only has the number of journals increased but the size of some has become positively intimidating. The solution for the reader is to read selectively from a larger number of publications.

This plethora of information and opinion is not to be decried nor regretted because it is simply a reflection of the enormous growth in knowledge of the heart and circulation, in both health and disease, that has occurred in the past half century. The progress and change in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease compares favorably with the phenomenal advances in communication and transportation achieved during this century.

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R.E. Beamish, M.D.

Due to the large and effective financial support of the Canadian Heart Foundation, the Medical Research Council, and others, Canadian contributions to practice and research in cardiology have been substantial. However, they have not always been properly credited because they have been published in journals of other countries. While The Canadian Journal of Cardiology will welcome manuscripts from any part of the world, it will be a needed medium for dissemination of the increasing volume of papers arising in this country. Either of the two official languages, English or French, may be used. Publication within six months of accepted manuscripts will be a primary objective.

In an effort to meet these several demands The Canadian Journal of Cardiology has appointed associate editors with special responsibilities for clinical cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric cardiology and experimental cardiology. Additionally, an Editorial Board and an International Advisory Board with wide-ranging interests and expertise have been recruited. The Journal invites original papers, reviews, reports of symposia, case reports, editorials on timely topics, letters to the editor, and news or announcements of interest to the cardiovascular community. While it is impossible to create a journal that pleases everyone all of the time, the Editorial Board is dedicated to fulfilling a need with a journal of world-class quality.


Originally published in 1985;1(1):7

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