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Published online 2009 December 15.

Table 2

p-Values for the three most significant SNPs located within the lactase gene, by varying ancestry adjustment methods

p-Value local adjustedb

ChrSNPap-Value unadjustedAll SNPsEvery other SNPSNPs r2 < 0.5p-Value global adjustedp-Value localc and global adjusted

aSNPs: RS1042712, RS3769013, RS3769012, RS872151, RS2304371, RS4954445 were all significant at p < 0.05 in unadjusted models and adjustment for ancestry by any method resulted in all p > 0.35. SNP RS11884924 within the lactase gene was not significant p > 0.45 for all association tests.

bLocal PCs are estimated for different combinations of SNPs: 1) all local SNPs (n = 2773); 2) every other SNP (n = 1386) or 3) SNPs with r2 < 0.5 (n = 969).

cLocal PC is estimated from all SNPs in a region.