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Published online 2009 December 15.

Table 1

Mean rank correlations between Wald test statistics after adjusting for 10 global PCs (global), 10 local PCs (local), or both global and local PCs (both)

Wald test Statistica

12SNPsMean rank correlation (SD)bMinimumMaximum
GlobalLocalall SNPs0.72 (0.04)0.500.81
GlobalLocalp < 0.050.60 (0.07)0.350.72
GlobalBothall SNPs0.82 (0.05)0.580.92
GlobalBothp < 0.050.71 (0.09)0.350.87
LocalBothall SNPs0.81(0.02)0.750.88
LocalBothp < 0.050.68 (0.05)0.530.80

aThe Wald test statistic is calculated as the β coefficient/standard error for the relationship between the test SNP and height, after adjusting for the PCs as indicated in the column.

bThe rank correlation is calculated between the two Wald test statistics in each local region and then averaged using all SNPs in the dataset or only the SNPs with p < 0.05 for either the first or second Wald test statistics.