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Ann Bot. 2010 January; 105(1): viii.
PMCID: PMC2794079

Sunset for Selects after Sterling Service

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John Bryant has been selecting four papers for an informal overview in the Annals of Botany ContentSelects for many years. His unique style, with his accurate and alliterative titles, have put the papers into a broad context and invariably made the understanding of complex material straightforward. But all good things must come to an end, and they cease from this month as John moves to other activities. The Editors, and I know many readers, will miss his insight into some of the important papers we publish. We have decided that they are truly irreplaceable, but we are continuing to develop and enhance the front section of each issue of Annals of Botany. We include a short overview and illustration from each paper in the reformatted ContentSnapshots, as well as reviews of recent books. We are happy to welcome Nigel Chaffey as our News Editor, and this month introduce his section of ‘Plant Cuttings’, which will present some of the most exciting work and events in botanical science.

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