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J Oncol Pract. 2007 September; 3(5): 267.
PMCID: PMC2793834

Patient-Friendly ASCO Cancer Prevention Curriculum on

ASCO's patient information Web site, People Living With Cancer (PLWC), has adapted the recently released ASCO Cancer Prevention Curriculum, using patient-friendly language to outline cancer prevention and screening strategies for both the general population and cancer survivors. Topics covered include weight control, tobacco use, chemotherapy prevention, and diet and nutrition. Through this new PLWC content, ASCO hopes to broaden the reach of this well-developed and vetted information on cancer prevention. Direct your patients to to find this new content.

Experts' Perspective Provided for Patients in Ongoing Series

PLWC's ASCO Expert Corner series continues to tap into the expertise of ASCO's membership, providing timely information for patients on cancer-related topics. Recent articles' experts and topics include:

  • Michael Goldstein, MD: The Future of the Oncology Workforce
  • Richard Schilsky, MD: Understanding Informed Consent
  • Lidia Schapira, MD: Approaching the End of Active Treatment
  • Patricia Ganz, MD: ASCO Clinical Evidence Review on Long-Term Adverse Effects to the Heart and Lungs in Adult Survivors of Cancer

Launched in January, this monthly Q&A format is part of PLWC's Feature articles, which are practical articles written specifically for patients about topics in cancer care. The library of articles can be found at

Spanish Content: More ASCO Patient Guides Offered on PLWC

PLWC now offers more of the popular ASCO Patient Guides in Spanish. Located in the PLWC En Español section ( or, translated guides include Hormone Therapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer, Advanced Lung Cancer Treatment, Follow-up Care for Breast Cancer, Follow-Up Care for Colorectal Cancer, and Fertility Preservation. Each guide is a patient-friendly summary of a clinical practice guideline for physicians. In addition, PLWC's En Español section contains translated information on managing side effects, clinical trials, and 20 common types of cancer.

New PLWC Podcasts Available for Patients

Visitors to PLWC can access free audio podcasts to get oncologist-approved information when and how they want. In each podcast, a specific cancer-related topic is addressed to assist people living with cancer.

Recent podcast topics include how to seek a second opinion, finding a treatment center, what to expect after treatment ends, how to explain medical procedures to a child with cancer, protecting skin from the sun, coping with the fear of adverse effects, explaining palliative care, and tips for caregivers. Visit to access this growing collection of audio podcasts, and be sure to mention this valuable service available on PLWC to your patients.

Annual Meeting Information on PLWC

Thanks to a recent Web site revision, PLWC visitors can now find news from the past six ASCO annual meetings, including the 2007 meeting in Chicago, all in one place. This new layout gives readers an easy-to-use archive searchable by year and/or topic area, such as a specific type of cancer. PLWC's extensive coverage gives patients, and their families and friends, a greater perspective and context on the importance of new research findings announced at ASCO's annual meeting that are covered by the national media each year. PLWC readers should visit the News and Events section at

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