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MAbs. 2009 Nov-Dec; 1(6): 604–605.
PMCID: PMC2791319

Upcoming meetings

The winter conference season provides ample opportunities to attend conferences that feature topics relevant to antibody research and development (R&D). Meetings such as these serve critical informational and educational functions, and are key networking opportunities. Locations are spread throughout the world, reflecting the global nature of antibody R&D.

November 2009

Biotecnología Habana 2009

Medical Applications of Biotechnology

November 2–5, 2009

Havana, Cuba

Bio-Europe 2009

November 2–4, 2009

Vienna, Austria

Mass Spec Europe

November 5–6, 2009

Barcelona, Spain

Well-Characterized Biologicals

November 9–11, 2009

Bethesda, MD USA

Successful Stability Testing Strategies for New Pharmaceutical Substances and Biologics

November 11–12, 2009

London, UK

World Drug Targets Congress

November 16–18, 2009

Geneva, Switzerland

License Contract Valuation

November 20, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

5th European Antibody Congress

November 30–December 2, 2009

Geneva, Switzerland

December 2009

BIT Life Sciences' 3rd Annual World Congress of Gene 2009

December 1–7, 2009

Foshan, China

Antibody Engineering and Antibody Therapeutics

December 6–10, 2009

San Diego, CA USA

III International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology (BioMicroWorld2009)

December 2–4, 2009

Lisbon, Portugal

January 2010

Advancing Biologics from the Lab into the Clinic

January 11–12, 2010

Brussels, Belgium

PepTalk—The Definitive Protein-Focused Event

January 11–15, 2010

San Diego, CA USA

February 2010

Cancer Biologics: Novel Modes of Action for Cancer Biotherapeutics and Delivery of Cancer Biologics

February 3–5, 2010

San Francisco, CA USA

9th International Conference on New Trends in Immunosuppression and Immunotherapy

February 4–6, 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

Antibody Engineering and Design

February 23–25, 2010

Frankfurt, Germany

March 2010

Bio-Europe Spring 2010

March 8–10, 2010

Barcelona, Spain

2nd Annual International Congress of Antibodies-2010

March 24–26, 2010

Beijing, China


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