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Published online 2009 September 9. doi: 10.1208/s12248-009-9140-1

Table IV

Selected Examples of Systemic Delivery of siRNA Using Neutral Lipidic Systems

DiseaseTarget geneDelivery systemFormulation strategyDelivery routeDose and frequency of administrationAnimal modelOutcomeReferences
Diabetic nephropathy12/15-lipoxygenaseCholesterolConjugationSC400 µg chemically modified siRNA twice/week for 7 weeksMouseReduction in albuminuria, monocyte/macrophage infiltration and other nephropathy biomarkers(44)
Cardiac healthApolipoprotein B (APOB)CholesterolConjugationIV50 mg/kg of modified siRNA three daily injectionsMouse36–73% decrease in ApoB expression in liver and jejunum, decrease plasma ApoB protein and total cholesterol(28)
Colorectal cancerId2 (inhibitor of DNA-binding-2) / Neuropilin 2DOPCComplexing/lyophilizationIP3–5 µg every 3–5 days for 32 daysMouse60–90% reduction in tumor volumes for tumors which were inoculated in liver.(35,36)
Ovarian cancer EphA2 DOPCComplexing/lyophilizationIV0.15 mg/kg twice weekly for 3 weeksMouse35–50% reduction in i.p. tumor growth(2)