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Mayo Clin Proc. 2009 November; 84(11): 1045.
PMCID: PMC2770930

Eldercare Technology for Clinical Practitioners

Reviewed by Sarah J. Crane, MD

edited by  Majd Alwan and  Robin A. Felder,  221 pp, with illus,  $99.50,  Totowa, NJ,  Humana Press (telephone: 973-256-1699),  2008, ISBN  978-1-58829-898-0.

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Type and Scope of Book:

A multiauthored, edited collection of chapters on eldercare technology.


This book describes available technologic devices aimed at diagnosing and compensating for common geriatric issues, such as falls, gait disorders, and hearing and vision loss. It includes results from detailed research of diagnostic platforms and clinically applicable devices. The basic elements of functional assessment are covered, and information on options that range from common to experimental is provided.


The role of functional status in geriatric evaluations is emphasized.


This book has little practical applicability for general physicians or patients. Many of the technologies are not readily available or are expensive and apply to only a small percentage of the elderly population. The authors have a personal interest in several of the technologies discussed.

Recommended Readership:

Subspecialty geriatric clinicians with a research interest.

Overall Grading:

[large star][large star]

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