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Published online 2009 October 20. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-484

Table 3

Regression statistics for genes with proportionally high affinity to each defined group.

Genome/Δ bit score to 2nd hit1R2PΔ σ HeterokontΔ σ Reds
P. ramorum/5%0.7140.0072.71-0.12

P. sojae/5%0.7170.0072.67-0.15

P. ramorum/10%0.6290.0192.75-0.16

P. sojae/10%0.6440.0162.72-0.18

1Differences of 5% and 10% between bit scores to the top and second hits are used as a proxy for phylogenetic signal, based on demonstrated correlations between the two. Significant results are shown in bold.