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J Hematop. 2009 September; 2(3): 133.
Published online 2009 September 26. doi:  10.1007/s12308-009-0047-7
PMCID: PMC2766447

Journal of Hematopathology listed in PubMed!

Dear readers,

As you have probably already noticed, the Journal of Hematopathology (JHEP) has cleared a major hurdle: the journal is now listed in PubMed Central, so its articles are visible when PubMed is being used. Hereby, the exposure of the good work being published has become much wider. This is a major achievement for a journal after only 1 year of existence. The criteria for acceptance were clearly met: JHEP represents a real addition to the existing journals, and the Editorial Board is composed of scientists of high standing.

The aim of JHEP is to provide up-to-date information to pathologists who deal with hematopathological samples. Therefore, the journal carries regular reviews, of which especially the series of commentaries in the most recent issue were very well received. Because that issue was printed on the occasion of the Congress of the European Society of Pathology in Florence and the workshop of the European Association of Hematopathology and the American Society of Hematopathology in Cleveland, many colleagues were able to recognize the quality of those articles, written by several members of the editorial board [15]. One more such commentary is included in the present issue (Hebeda et al.).

I hope this issue will be another valuable source of information for you.


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