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Neuro Oncol. 2009 October; 11(5): 457.
PMCID: PMC2765335

New Impact Factor Reflects Journal’s Growth

W. K. Alfred Yung, Editor in Chief

Thomson Scientific’s 2008 journal impact factor numbers were published last summer, and Neuro-Oncology’s predominance in the field remains undisputed. Neuro-Oncology’s impact factor number now stands at 5.000. Neuro-Oncology remains in the top 25% of oncology journals (where it is ranked 25th of 141 journals) and clinical neurology titles (where it is 15th of 156 journals).

The impact factor is determined in part by the journal’s total number of articles published in 2007, which represented a nearly 60% increase from the previous year (46 in 2007 versus 29 in 2006). Because of the increase in our publication frequency from quarterly to bimonthly in 2008 and from bimonthly to monthly in 2010, the trend in rising numbers of published papers will continue into the foreseeable future. Our aim is to see increases in our impact factor but, more important, growth in our impact on the neuro-oncology community and, through it, service to patients with brain tumors.

For our growth, we are indebted to our editorial board, whose members are listed in every issue of the journal, and to our peer reviewers, all of whom have helped us reach and maintain our enviable position.

Listed below are those peer reviewers who are not on our editorial board but have committed many volunteer hours over the past year to critiquing manuscripts submitted to the journal and guiding us in our choices of which to publish. This vibrant community of scientists and physicians helps the journal—and the field—prosper. Please join us in thanking them for their service and expertise.

Peer Reviewers

Lauren E. Abrey

Joachim M. Baehring

Rolf F. Barth

Tracy T. Batchelor

Michael E. Berens

Jaclyn A. Biegel

Wolfgang Bohn

Paul D. Brown

Carmine M. Carapella

Maria G. Castro

Eric L. Chang

Shiyuan Cheng

Olivier Chinot

Kenneth J. Cohen

Howard Colman

Joseph Costello

Faith G. Davis

Lisa M. DeAngelis

Adam P. Dicker

Graziella Filippini

Peter A. Forsyth

Takamitsu Fujimaki

Caterina Giannini

Francesc Graus

Nalin Gupta

Chunhai (Charlie) Hao

John W. Henson

Fred H. Hochberg

Graeme Hodgson

Isa M. Hussaini

Koichi Ichimura

Yasuo Iwadate

Edward Jackson

Andreas H. Jacobs

Robert B. Jenkins

Randy Jensen

Annette Johnson

Takashi Komori

Jay S. Loeffler

Joseph C. Loftus

Ian E. McCutcheon

Tracy Richmond McKnight

Alex McMillan

Louis Burt Nabors

Mitsutoshi Nakada

Hideho Okada

Marios Papadopoulos

John Park

Andrew T. Parsa

Vinay K. Puduvalli

Jeffrey J. Raizer

Lisa R. Rogers

Tena Rosser

Robert Rostomily

James Rubenstein

Jann N. Sarkaria

David Schiff

Hiroki Shirato

Riccardo Soffietti

Yukihiko Sonoda

Shingo Takano

Martin J. B. Taphoorn

Christopher D. Turner

Jeffrey S. Wefel

Patrick Y. Wen

Wolfgang Wick

John K. Wiencke

Shiao Y. Woo

Ryuya Yamanaka

Ping Yang

Seiichi Yoshida

Xiang Zhang

Articles from Neuro-Oncology are provided here courtesy of Society for Neuro-Oncology and Oxford University Press