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MAbs. 2009 Sep-Oct; 1(5): 517–518.
PMCID: PMC2759501

Upcoming Meetings

The fall conference season provides abundant opportunities to attend conferences that feature topics relevant to antibody research and development (R&D). Meetings such as these serve critical informational and educational functions, and are key networking opportunities. Locations are spread throughout the world, reflecting the global nature of antibody R&D.

September 2009

Immunogenicity for Biologics

September 8–9, 2009, Prague, Czech Republic

4th Asian Congress on Autoimmunity

September 11–13, 2009, Singapore

Charles River Biotech Symposium: Biotechnology Derived Therapeutics Perspectives on Nonclinical Development

September 14, 2009, La Jolla, CA USA

ChinaBio® Day 2009

September 15, 2009, San Francisco, CA USA

Americas Antibody Congress 2009

September 21–23, 2009, Washington, DC USA

Beyond Antibodies and Protein Engineering and Design

September 21–23, 2009, San Diego, CA USA

Accelerating Development & Advancing Personalized Therapy

September 22–25, 2009, Washington, DC USA

October 2009

Bioanalytical Method Development

October 5–7, 2009, Berkeley, CA USA

Biological Therapeutics

October 14–16, 2009, San Diego, CA USA

International Light Scattering Colloquium

October 19–20, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA USA

Eclipse Field Flow Fractionation-MALS Focus Meeting

October 21, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA USA

Immunogenicity Summit

October 26–29, 2009, Philadelphia, PA USA

November 2009

Biotecnología Habana 2009: Medical Applications of Biotechnology

November 2–5, 2009, Havana, Cuba

Bio-Europe 2009

November 2–4, 2009, Vienna, Austria

Mass Spec Europe

November 5–6, 2009, Barcelona, Spain

Well-Characterized Biologicals

November 9–11, 2009, Bethesda, MD USA

World Drug Targets Congress

November 16–18, 2009 Geneva, Switzerland

5th European Antibody Congress

November 30–December 2, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland

December 2009

BIT Life Sciences' 3rd Annual World Congress of Gene 2009

December 1–7, 2009, Foshan, China

Antibody Engineering and Antibody Therapeutics

December 6–10, 2009, San Diego, CA USA


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