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Published online 2009 August 25. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-396

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Organization of the NRPS gene clusters found in the Planktothrix NIVA CYA 98 genome. Gene clusters shown are: microcystin [EMBL: AM990462], cyanopeptolin, anabaenopeptin and microviridin (putative ribosomal produced oligopeptide) on one contig [EMBL: AM990463], aeruginosin [EMBL: AM990465], microginin [EMBL: AM990464] synthetase gene clusters and two gene clusters with unassigned oligopeptides [EMBL: AM990466 and AM990467]. Contigs from the assembly of 454 reads are illustrated with black lines and gaps closed with Sanger sequencing are illustrated with red lines. Gene names, transcription directions and approximate sizes are illustrated with yellow boxes with arrows. Adenylation- (red; showing in silico predicted activated amino acids), condensation- (green), thiolation-(yellow), methyltransferase- (blue), epimerase- (turquoise) glyceric acid- (lilac), halogenation- (purple) and termination domains (grey) are shown by their first letter abbreviations. Polyketide domains are shown as circles. The ABC transporter genes (light green) are connected to six of the seven gene clusters.

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