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Association of mothers' and partners' anxiety symptom scores at 18 weeks of gestation and current asthma in children at 7½ years

OR (95% CI) for current asthma at 7½ y
N asthma/no asthma (% with asthma)CrudeAdjusted
Combined parental anxiety at 18 weeks gestation*
Neither parent anxious173/1384 (11.1%)1 (reference)1 (reference)
Only partner anxious121/994 (10.9%)0.97 (0.76-1.25)0.94 (0.73-1.20)
Only mother anxious137/836 (14.1%)1.31 (1.03-1.67)1.28 (1.00-1.63)
Both parents anxious154/889 (14.8%)1.39 (1.10-1.75)1.33 (1.04-1.68)
P (trend).001.005
*Anxiety defined as present if score above median.