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Diabetes. 2009 August; 58(8): 1936.
PMCID: PMC2712775


Basu R, Basu A, Grudzien M, Jung P, Jacobson P, Johnson M, Singh R, Sarr M, Rizza RA. Liver is the site of splanchnic cortisol production in obese nondiabetic humans. Diabetes 2009;58:39–45

The print version of this article is missing the final paragraph of the results section and Fig. 8 (on p. 43). The missing paragraph and figure appear below.

FIG. 8
Relative mRNA expression for glucocorticoid receptor (NR3C1), 11β-HSD-1, and 11β-HSD-2.

Gene expression of glucocorticoid receptor, 11β-HSD-1, and 11β-HSD-2 in stomach and the intestine.

Gene expression (mRNA) for the glucocorticoid and 11β-HSD-1 receptors was minimally expressed in the stomach and intestine. In contrast, whereas 11β-HSD-2 mRNA expression was minimal in the stomach, it was detectable in the intestine in all four subjects in which it was measured (P < 0.05 vs. zero) (Fig. 8).

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