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Diabetes. 2009 August; 58(8): 1937.
PMCID: PMC2712771


Katz R, Budoff MJ, Takasu J, Shavelle DM, Bertoni A, Blumenthal RS, Ouyang P, Wong ND, O'Brien KD. Relationship of metabolic syndrome with incident aortic valve calcium and aortic valve calcium progression: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Diabetes 2009;58:813–819

During data analysis for another manuscript, the authors discovered a systematic error in the baseline aortic valve calcium (AVC) data that affected the number of patients at risk for AVC progression, and they have repeated the analyses. The authors confirm that the error does not affect any of the incident AVC findings, and outcomes reported in the results section, Tables 2 and 3, and Figs. 1–3 remain the same.

The error added an additional 129 AVC progression cases. Therefore, the numbers in Table 1 and in the results subsection “Participant characteristics” have changed and are now reflected in the online version of the article. The published article reported no significant difference in AVC progression for those with metabolic syndrome (MetS), those with diabetes, or those with neither MetS nor diabetes. Likewise, the new analyses also found no significant differences in AVC progression for the three groups.

However, the absolute rates of progression in the new analyses differ from those reported in the results subsection “AVC progression” and in Fig. 4. Namely, the median annualized rate of AVC score was 2.3 (interquartile range −6.5 to 16.3) Agatston units/year rather than the reported 5.4 (−2.0 to 23.0) Agatston units/year. The updated Fig. 4 below shows that the rate did not change significantly by diabetes or MetS status. Likewise, these changes had no effect on the robust regression analysis, and therefore the results remain robustly null.

FIG. 4
Median AVC change by diabetes (DM), MetS, or neither condition. “Box” plots the median AVC progression score (middle horizontal lines) in Agatston units/year and corresponding 25th (lower bound of box) and 75th (upper bound of box) percentile ...

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