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Published online 2009 May 1. doi: 10.1128/EC.00353-08

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[PSI+] induction by the protein fusion method, which exploits an increased collision frequency. (A) Schematic representation of [PSI+] induction by the NM-Rnq1 fusion protein. (B) Constructs to test the protein fusion method. All constructs were cloned into ARS/CEN vectors. (C) Expression levels of the recombinant proteins were determined by Western blot analyses using anti-FLAG antibody. Sup35 was used as a loading control. (D) The protein level of NM-Rnq1 was compared to the level of the endogenous Rnq1 protein by Western blotting with anti-Rnq1 antiserum. (E) [RNQ+] cells were transformed with combinations of plasmids as indicated. Each transformant was grown in selective SC medium to exponential phase and spotted onto SC and SC−Ade plates in serial 10-fold dilutions.

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