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Paediatr Child Health. 2009 May-Jun; 14(5): 289.
PMCID: PMC2706627

A Paediatric Expert Advisory Committee

Increasingly, health products and food regulatory bodies around the world are turning attention toward the safety of children. Health Canada, in keeping with this trend, has formed a Paediatric Expert Advisory Committee. It will provide the Department with expert advice on how to better protect the health and safety of children, and pregnant and nursing women in keeping with the work of the Health Products and Food Branch

As its Chair, I am pleased we are getting this work underway and there is much to be done. The Committee has 15 members and their expertise include paediatric specialists, university professors, pharmacists, researchers, representatives from industry and patient groups, not-for-profit organizations and parents. Fellow Committee members are: Dr Noni MacDonald (Vice-Chair), Dr Stephanie Atkinson, Dr Benoit Bailey, Dr Max Coppes, Ms Laura Lee Dupuis, Dr Lorella Garofalo, Dr Gideon Koren, Ms Mary Lye, Dr Stuart MacLeod, Ms Patricia Malloy, Dr Gary Pekeles, Ms Laurie Proulx, Ms Patricia J Rennie and Dr Ellen Tsai. We had an introductory orientation meeting in February 2009, and our next meeting is set for November 2009.

Some of the complex questions the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Health Products and Food Branch will task our Committee to examine focus on the current challenges with health products, ie, drugs, medical devices, biologics including vaccines and natural health products – to develop, test, evaluate and label with appropriate information for safe use in children – issues needing input from industry, clinicians, parents and regulators. The Committee will also focus on food safety issues and nutrition guidance targeted toward this group.

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