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Genet Sel Evol. 2002; 34(2): 255–267.
Published online 2002 March 15. doi:  10.1186/1297-9686-34-2-255
PMCID: PMC2705431

A higher resolution radiation hybrid map of bovine chromosome 13


In this paper, we present a radiation hybrid framework map of BTA13 composed of nine microsatellite loci, six genes and one EST. The map has been developed using a recently constructed 12'000 rad bovine-hamster whole-genome radiation hybrid panel. Moreover, we present a comprehensive map of BTA13 comprising 72 loci, of which 45 are microsatellites, 20 are genes and seven are ESTs. The map has an estimated length of 2694.7 cR12'000. The proposed order is in general agreement with published maps of BTA13. Our results only partially support previously published information of five blocks of conserved gene order between cattle and man. We found no evidence for the existence of an HSA20 homologous segment of coding DNA on BTA13 located centromeric of a confirmed HSA10 homologous region. The present map increases the marker density and the marker resolution on BTA13 and enables further insight into the evolutionary development of the chromosome as compared to man.

Keywords: bovine chromosome 13, radiation hybrid, gene mapping, 12'000 rad, comparative mapping

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