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J Gynecol Oncol. 2009 June; 20(2): 81–83.
Published online 2009 June 29. doi:  10.3802/jgo.2009.20.2.81
PMCID: PMC2705003

Epidemiologic report of gynecologic cancer in Thailand


Cancer has been the most common cause of death in Thailand from 2002 (65.4/100,000/year in 2002). With regard to leading cancers in Thailand for female population, the highest incidence falls into cervical cancer (25/100,000/year) followed by breast, liver and bile duct, bronchus and lung, colon and rectum, and ovarian cancer. In 2003, there were 6,243 new cases of cervical cancer with the death of 2,620 women. Therefore, in Thailand, seven women die from cervical cancer each day. However, the incidence of cervical cancer in Thailand is decreasing. The important factor contributed to this decreasing is the implement of Thailand dual-track strategy cervical screening program using both Pap smear and visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA)-cryotherapy. Learning about the epidemiologic data of gynecologic cancer could raise public awareness and play a part in establishing measures for prevention, control and treatment of the cancer which will contribute to the better health of women, and of course, decrease the expense used in various modalities of treatment.

Keywords: Gynecologic cancer, Epidemiology, Thailand

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