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J Gynecol Oncol. 2009 June; 20(2): 134.
Published online 2009 June 29. doi:  10.3802/jgo.2009.20.2.134
PMCID: PMC2704999

Atlas of procedures in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Reviewed by Hyun Hoon Chung

Seong Nyeon Bae 
Atlas of procedures in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy.
2009. Daehan Medical Book: Seoul. p. 210 Hardbound  ISBN: 978-89-91219-58-8 93510.

This atlas is distinguished from other publications in that there are abundant figures which the author drew himself, and it also contains full color photographs and videos taken during surgical procedures.

This is a 210-page book with two accompanying DVDs of live surgical footage. The author is Seong Nyeon Bae from Seoul St. Mary's Hospital; famous for gynecologic oncologic surgery as well as one of the leading cancer institutions in Korea.

The book is composed of eight parts that deals with pelvic anatomy, various types of hysterectomy procedures, and especially gyneco-oncologic laparoscopy, including nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy and lymph node dissection. The author has made it clear that the aim of the atlas is to provide updated review of pelvic anatomy and procedures in various hysterectomies. The author has also kindly indicated all the anatomic landmarks in the photographs, which will be instructive to readers.

Most of the laparoscopic procedures are covered with clear and concise instructions, as well as abundant photographs in a step by step format, providing bilateral surgical procedures. It is very helpful to visualize real surgical fields in these high-quality pictures. From each picture to the next picture, the surgical procedures are chained to each other, presenting a beautiful completion of surgical procedures. The two complementary DVDs are also a great appendix, providing over five and a half hours of video clips.

In conclusion, this book will serve as an informative guidance for gynecologic oncology surgeons who wish to be experts in laparoscopic procedures. I strongly recommend this atlas not only to surgical trainees but also senior practitioners who seek useful teaching aid for their colleagues.

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