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Published online 2009 April 8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-152

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TBP and SNAP50 binding to non-coding RNA promoters. High resolution views show the TBP- and SNAP50-binding signal at four non-coding RNA gene loci: A. SL RNA locus on chr2; B. tRNAArg locus on chr7; C. snRNA/tRNA locus on chr23; and D. SRP RNA/tRNA/5S rRNA locus on chr5. The top track in each panel shows the gene organization with protein-coding genes in blue and RNA genes in green. The middle and lower tracks represents TBP and SNAP50 signal, respectively, with the height of each bar representing the ratio of ChIP enrichment of specifically-precipitated chromatin to mock controls. Each black bar represents a unique probe from the microarray with a width of 50 bp, spaced at 85-bp intervals. Panel E shows the B Box motif recovered by MEME/MAST analysis of tRNA promoter regions.

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