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Published online 2009 April 8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-152

Figure 2

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Graphical representation of ChIP-chip results for chromosomes 2, 9 and 27. The x-axis of each graph represents the position along the chromosome according to the genome reference sequence, and the y-axis indicates the ChIP enrichment relative to the controls. The scale in each panel is different, since the chromosomes are 357, 573 and 1130 kb in length, respectively. In each panel, the top row shows the location of protein-coding (blue), and non-coding RNA (light green) genes; while the other rows represents the ratio of acetylated:total histone H3 (brown), TBP:mock (green), and SNAP50:mock (red). The yellow highlights indicate regions shown in more detail in Figure 3.

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