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J Clin Microbiol. 1993 June; 31(6): 1630–1634.
PMCID: PMC265593

Subclass-specific serum antibody responses to recombinant Norwalk virus capsid antigen (rNV) in adults infected with Norwalk, Snow Mountain, or Hawaii virus.


Subclass-specific antibody responses to the Norwalk virus capsid protein in adults challenged with Norwalk, Snow Mountain, or Hawaii virus were evaluated by solid-phase enzyme immunoassay using recombinant Norwalk virus capsid antigen (rNV). Fourfold or greater serum immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody responses to rNV were detected in 15 of 20 volunteers challenged with Norwalk virus, and serum IgA and IgM antibody responses to rNV were seen in almost all subjects who had rNV IgG responses. Serum rNV IgG antibody responses also were detected in 6 of 15 volunteers challenged with Snow Mountain virus and 2 of 12 volunteers challenged with the Hawaii virus. However, the magnitude of antibody response and the geometric mean postchallenge rNV IgG antibody titers were lower in subjects challenged with Snow Mountain or Hawaii virus, and serum IgA and IgM responses generally did not occur.

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