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Bioinformation. 2009; 3(7): 299–302.
Published online 2009 February 28.
PMCID: PMC2655048

CHPVDB ‐ a sequence annotation database for Chandipura Virus


Databases containing proteomic information have become indispensable for virology studies. As the gap between the amount of sequence information and functional characterization widens, increasing efforts are being directed to the development of databases. For virologist, it is therefore desirable to have a single data collection point which integrates research related data from different domains. CHPVDB is our effort to provide virologist such a one‐step information center. We describe herein the creation of CHPVDB, a new database that integrates information of different proteins in to a single resource. For basic curation of protein information, the database relies on features from other selected databases, servers and published reports. This database facilitates significant relationship between molecular analysis, cleavage sites, possible protein functional families assigned to different proteins of Chandipura virus (CHPV) by SVMProt and related tools.


The database is freely available at

Keywords: database, CHPV, CHPVDB, Chandipura virus, proteins, sequences

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