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J Chiropr Med. 2005 Winter; 4(1): 25–31.
Published online 2005. doi:  10.1016/S0899-3467(07)60109-8
PMCID: PMC2647030

Chiropractic Management of a Patient with Migraine Headache



To describe the use of chiropractic care for a patient with migraine headache.

Clinical Features

A patient suffered from migraine headaches after an automobile accident. Neck disability scores, visual analog score, and algometry scores were used to track patient progress.

Intervention and Outcome

The patient's range of motion, flexibility, and strength improved following a regimen of spinal manipulation and active and passive therapeutic care. After 12 weeks of treatment, the duration, frequency, and intensity of her migraines decreased.


This case offers an example of the potential effects of chiropractic and rehabilitative treatment for migraine headache sufferers.

Key Indexing Terms: Migraine, Manipulation, Chiropractic, Musculoskeletal Manipulations, Exercise Movement Techniques


Sources of Support: None


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