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Bioinformation. 2009; 3(6): 282–283.
Published online 2009 January 12.
PMCID: PMC2646864

WebSat ‐ A web software for microsatellite marker development


Simple sequence repeats (SSR), also known as microsatellites, have been extensively used as molecular markers due to their abundance and high degree of polymorphism. We have developed a simple to use web software, called WebSat, for microsatellite molecular marker prediction and development. WebSat is accessible through the Internet, requiring no program installation. Although a web solution, it makes use of Ajax techniques, providing a rich, responsive user interface. WebSat allows the submission of sequences, visualization of microsatellites and the design of primers suitable for their amplification. The program allows full control of parameters and the easy export of the resulting data, thus facilitating the development of microsatellite markers.


The web tool may be accessed at

Keywords: molecular-marker, microsatellite, SSR, primer, web-software

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