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Neoplasia. 2008 December; 10(12): 1314–1324.
PMCID: PMC2586682

Neoplasia: The Second Decade


This issue marks the end of the 10-year anniversary of Neoplasia where we have seen exciting growth in both number of submitted and published articles in Neoplasia. Neoplasia was first published in 1999. During the past 10 years, Neoplasia has dynamically adapted to the needs of the cancer research community as technologies have advanced. Neoplasia is currently providing access to articles through PubMed Central to continue to facilitate rapid broad-based dissemination of published findings to the scientific community through an Open Access model. This has in part helped Neoplasia to achieve an improved impact factor this past year, demonstrating that the manuscripts published by Neoplasia are of great interest to the overall cancer research community. This past year, Neoplasia received a record number of articles for review and has had a 21% increase in the number of published articles.


During the past 3 years (2006–2008), Neoplasia has shown strong growth as evidenced in the number of articles published. As shown in Figure 1, the percentage of articles published in Neoplasia increased by 6% in 2007 and further increased by an astounding 21% in 2008. Manuscripts published in these pages continue to be of the utmost high quality and cover a broad range of research topics and reviews from many different and exciting areas of cancer research. Shown in Table 1 are examples of articles previously published which have been sorted by general topic area for the 2006–2008 publication time frame. Whereas many articles could be classified in several of these categories, it is evident that Neoplasia provides its readership with a broad coverage of the many exciting discoveries during the past year.

Figure 1
A plot of the percent increase in the number of articles published in Neoplasia from 2006 to 2008. For each year, the bar graph indicates the percentage increase over the prior year. Note a major jump in the percentage of published articles occurred in ...
Table 1
Major Research Topics of Publications in Neoplasia from 2006 to 2008.

Neoplasia continues to differentiate itself from other journals in many areas. One key example is that Neoplasia provides immediate open access to all of its published articles at the time of publication through PubMed Central. This policy allows for all of the articles published by Neoplasia to be accessible immediately to the worldwide cancer research communities and to patients interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments, which may affect their treatment decisions. This feature also provides authors' research findings available to the largest possible readership ensuring that articles published in Neoplasia will have significant impact. One metric of the success of Open Access can be found in the Thomson Scientific Impact Factor, which, for Neoplasia, has increased from 4.9 in 2006 to 5.7 in 2007, revealing both the high quality and impact of articles published by Neoplasia and the increased impact in the cancer field as judged by the escalating number of citations by other scientists.

In conclusion, Neoplasia has successfully adapted to the needs of the cancer research community by implementing leading-edge technological changes including online peer review and electronic hosting of articles on PubMed Central, which now provides for instant and Open Access for all articles published within our pages.


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