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Am J Med Genet A. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2008 October 28.
Published in final edited form as:
Am J Med Genet A. 2008 August 15; 146A(16): 2070–2077.
doi: 10.1002/ajmg.a.32422

Table IV

Health Care Expenditures and Insurance for Individuals in PHAROS

Entire SampleIndividuals who never pursued testingIndividuals who eventually pursued testingIndividuals at U.S. Study SitesIndividuals At Canadian Study Sites
Panel A: Payment out of Pocket
Paid out of Pocket for Huntington disease Genetic testing?5.8% [740]2.2% [667]38.3% [73]6.6% [643]NA [97]
Ever Paid out of Pocket for Health Services?9.1% [734]6.3% [662]34.7% [72]10.0% [639]3.1% [95]
Ever paid out of pocket for either health services or genetic testing?10.2% [734]6.7% [662]41.6% [72]11.2% [639]3.1% [95]

Panel B: Refusal of Insurance

Ever been refused insurance coverage for some service or treatment?3.1% [740]2.6% [667]6.8% [73]3.2% [643]2.0% [97]

NA = Not applicable

Notes: Sample sizes are in square brackets.

p<0.05 for comparison with the other group [column to the left]
p<0.01 for comparison with the other group [column to the left]